People are sometimes fearful about asking for help from a Professional Organiser.  They may feel worried about being judged, or having a stranger come into their home and boss them around and make them throw their stuff out.  That is NOT how I work! 

My approach is quite gentle, and all of the decisions are up to you.  It starts with the two of us getting to know each other and discussing what your goals are.  We then develop a plan to achieve your unique goals.  Once we’re both happy with the plan, the hands-on work of transforming your space begins.  It’s my job to make this as painless as possible for you.

I can help you to organise any area of your home, from a small project such as a pantry, laundry or bathroom, through to the whole home. Don’t forget the shed – that’s one of my favourites!

So, be brave and give me a call.  It’s your first step towards a calm and organised home. 

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