Estate Clearances

Estate Clearances

I provide services that take the stress out of clearing an estate.  My role is to provide expertise and do the hands-on work, and make sure the process runs smoothly.    

When a loved one dies, the task of clearing out their home is difficult and emotionally harrowing.  The work is time consuming, which can lead to a property sitting idle for a long time.  I can complete the process quickly and efficiently, with sensitivity and compassion.

Under the direction of the executor of the estate, the tasks I carry out include:

  • Locating bequests and delivering them to beneficiaries.
  • Identifying effects that are suitable for selling (including vehicles) and arranging for them to be sold.
  • Identifying effects that are suitable for donating to charity, packing them up and arranging for them to be collected.
  • Preserving heirlooms and memorabilia.
  • Collating the deceased’s paperwork for the executor.
  • Disposal of rubbish.
  • Obtaining real estate appraisals.
  • Preparing the property for sale, including arranging for cleaning, gardening and repairs to be carried out.

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