Moving to Aged Care

Moving to Aged Care

I provide services that help to take the stress out of transitioning to aged care.

It can be a worrying time because people find themselves in a situation where they need someone to pack up their home for them.  Many people have a good support network to do this, but some don’t have anyone to help them.

My approach to assisting people in this situation is to visit the client and have a conversation with them about what they would like to happen.  I use this discussion to create a tailored plan to suit each individual’s needs and wishes.  Some of the things I speak with them about are:

  • The new accommodation:
    • Which personal items would they like to bring?  They may wish to have special items such as photographs and ornaments with them in their new space.
    • How much space is available?
    • Is it permissible, and would they like to bring in a few items of furniture, e.g. favourite armchair, television, etc.
    • Clothing – my preferred approach is to bring all the client’s clothes to them, then sort through it with them. I can then label their clothing and put it away, and donate the clothing that they are not keeping to charity.
  • Possessions that are not moving to the new accommodation:
    • Are there items the client wishes to give to particular people?  I can pack them up and send them.
    • Pets – discuss options with the client and make arrangements for their wishes to be carried out.
    • Provide expertise on what to do with the remaining items, and use my contacts, such as:
      • Auction houses
      • Charities – I can pack up possessions that are in good condition, but of low value, and arrange for them to be collected from the home.
      • Removalists
      • Rubbish removal services.
    • Is the home to be sold? I can prepare it for sale, including:
      • Real estate appraisals
      • Repairs
      • Gardening services
      • Cleaning services

What I have described above is providing a full service, but if a client wants me to do just some parts of this and have their family do the rest, that is perfectly fine.  I also provide a needs assessment service where I create a plan that details what needs to be done and how to do it so that the client’s family can use my expertise and do the hands-on work themselves.

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