Tracey has been working with my sick sister for the last six months.  In a very gentle way, Tracey worked with my sister to consider her home and her ‘stuff’.  Tracey highlighted simple ideas and changes that resonated with my sister about how things could be rearranged.  After only a few sessions my sister started to have the courage to tackle small spaces on her own and followed through with letting go of things.  Together Tracey and my sister have systematically worked their way through every room and cupboard in the house, including my 15 year old nephew’s spaces.

Tracey has made such a positive impact on the whole family, and my sister has grown to love Tracey’s visits.  My sister has had a tough six months, and she wasn’t having a bar of this idea of ‘someone coming in and telling you to throw all your stuff out’ to start with, but I am so proud of her journey and I will always be grateful for the impact Tracey has had.  The home is welcoming with a completely different vibe, and is now a pleasure to be in.  I am certain this has been instrumental in my sister’s attitude to dealing with chemo and radiotherapy and the associated trauma that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

Thanks Tracey, you have been a pleasure to work with, and to get to know.  I would recommend anyone considering this service, whether for yourself or a loved one, to give Tracey a call.  You won’t regret it